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Bareboat Sailing Vacations

Skipper Your Own Sailboat

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The term ‘bareboat’ refers to an arrangement for the chartering of a boat, whereby no crew or provisions are included. Instead, the guests who rent the vessel from the charter company are responsible for sailing and managing the yacht during the charter, including providing their own provisions.

Bareboat Port Superior charters are perfect for experienced sailors who can easily manage the responsibility of sailing and maintaining their vessel while on the water.

To ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable bareboat charter experience, we want to be sure that you and your crew are knowledgeable in handling the yacht you have chosen. We ask that you complete our Boating Resume upon checkout to help us determine your sailing skill level.

To be a qualified skipper, we are looking for you to meet the following criteria:

  • Recent charter experience aboard a vessel of similar size/type
  • Or ownership of a vessel of similar size and type
  • And/or completion of a qualified charter certification program

If you meet these qualifications and feel confident operating a sailboat without a licensed captain, please browse our sailboat options below by using our filters to match you with the perfect boat for your sailing adventure!

Please review important reservation information below.

Reserve One of Our Most Popular Sailboats

Our boats are privately owned and each is uniquely equipped to offer you a wide variety of sailing yachts for your charter. From traditional double-enders to sleek racing sloops, our selection is unmatched in the area.

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