Meet our Captains & Crew

Come be part of our Superior Crew! 

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We are looking for amazing staff!

If you’re an adventurous, hard-working and detail-oriented individual who wants to try something different this summer, inquire about our openings!  We only have room for four new staff for 2020, so submit your application, reach out to us on facebook or call!

Our Captains

Our roster of captains are all USCG licensed and strive to provide a great experience while developing new sailors, teaching docking or providing some last minute information during your dockside briefing. 

If you want to join our roster of Captains, contact Bravo, and she can let you know all the information we will need.  

Captain Mike Simon


Captain Mike has been sailing the Apostles for over 10 years and really loves to share his interest in local history, geology and Lake Superior.  He’s a great teacher and specializes in catamaran training.

Captain Dave Olson

Close up of Captain Dave Olson

Captain Olson lives here year round.  He also loves sailing on the Big Lake, that’s why on his days off, you can find him on his own 42’ sailboat or the tall ship schooner Abbey Road.

Captain Dean Kass

Profile photo of Captain Dean Kass

Captain Dean is a retired architect, and spends his free time staying active by biking across the country and teaching the next generation of sailors.

Captain Dave Skoro

Captain Dave Skoro headshot

Captain Dave is an institution in Bayfield. He’s been teaching sailors for over 20 years at Superior Charters and loves interacting with our skippers.

Captain Jon Morris

Captain Jon Morris close up

Captain Jon is still a newbie captain with us, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have loads of experience!  Jon has been a member of the St. Croix Sailing Club for years and comes up to charter with us when we don’t have him assigned on trips.

Captain Dick Coleman

Captain Dick Coleman

Captain Coleman has been a fixture at Superior Charters for years, although his day-job prevents him from spending as much time on the water as we would like.

Captain Merritt P

Captain Merritt Pulkrabek headshot

Captain Merritt was first a charter customer at Superior Charters, but after learning to sail he worked on getting his captain’s license.  He is great at honing the skills of a novice sailor and giving them some great experience on the water.

Captain Vicki Staudte

Captain Vicki Staudte headshot

Captain Vicki has been sailing for over 20 years in places such as Croatia, Greece and Tahiti, but she still loves sailing the Big Lake, Lake Superior.  Consider her your tour guide for an adventure in the Apostles.

Captain John Barker

Captain John Barker headshot

Captain John can be seen most summer weekends working on his pride and joy, a Jeanneau 42i that he purchased from Superior Yacht Sales.  He is detail oriented with a quick with that makes him a favorite captain of ours.

Our Crew

Cindy 'Bravo'

Cindy Bravo profile

Bravo joined Superior Charters in 2014 and worked her way from the back office to front-and-center with each and every customer. Her voice is the first one you’ll hear when you call the office to ask a question or book a charter. She’s originally from the area and can’t seem to stray very far from the Big Lake.

Cindy Kalow


We call her Red Fox Leader, because this powerful lady-boss leads her strong team year after year.  A great inspiration for those that work with her, she’s followed her bliss to Lake Superior where she’s made a business out of a hobby.



Alec grew up at Superior Charters, working first as a dinghy wrangler to his position now as Fleet Operations Manager. As Dick and Cindy’s son, he’s been helping run the family business for years. In his spare time, you’ll see him working on the Superior Charters sponsored race boats, because going fast is fun.


Tabbi, one of the crew members posing on sailboat

Tabbi is our senior interior boat cleaner, which means it’s her job to make a great first impression. She’s been around boats for years, but has really found her groove while racing sailboats.



What started as a fun summer job has turned into three summers of adventure for Molly. She lives in Bayfield in the summers and explores the world in the off-season.



Rachael is joining us for what we hope is only the first of many years with us. She’s a local girl who is home for the summer, while the rest of the year she’s attending college at Lawrence University

Joe Radtke

Crew member Joe standing next to sailboat

Joe represents Superior Yacht Sales as our resident boat broker. Joe was previously the manager of Barker’s Island in Superior, Wisconsin.  That means all those years of experience with boats only makes him a greater resource for our boat buyers and sellers.



Heaven is a Superior Charters intern from UW-Stout. He’s a fan of the outdoors and photography, so we think he’ll really enjoy his time exploring Bayfield this summer!



Alicia is back at Superior Charters for her second season. You’ll love her sweet personality when she greets you at the front desk.



His real name is Jacob, but we call him Rock. He loves being in Bayfield and anywhere around water, so it’s a no-brainer that he wanted to work with us! You’ll see him here until he leaves for a full-time job in Norway late this fall.

Ruby & Waffles


Ruby is a lab/something mix who lives for playing fetch. You’ll love her sweet temperament and her quintessential ‘puppy dog’ eyes.

Waffles is 18 months and will still blow you away as the mellowest puppy you’ve ever met.

If you’re lucky, you can meet them at the SCI office!