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Cruising Catamaran Certification Course

Four days to learn to cruise on a catamaran!

Quick Details

Clock  Duration: 4 days & 4 nights – courses set each month!

Users  Group Size: This course requires a maximum of 4 people

Cruise Ship  Boat Details: 38′ catamaran – Private cabin & shared living space

Food  Food/Drink: Provisions are provided by attendees

Per Person Pricing + tax
Early Season | June 4 - 7
Prime Season | July 21 - 24
Prime Season | August 11 - 14
Prime Season | September 4 - 7

Learn to cruise on a catamaran!

The Cruising Catamaran Certification Course is a four-day sailing class designed to create confident, competent catamaran sailors. You’ll spend the first day learning the fundamentals of sailing while aboard a 33’-39’ monohull. This is the perfect setting to learn terminology, sail trim and boating basics. Days 2-4 have you practicing and exhibiting those new skills aboard your catamaran classroom. From start to finish, you will get the feel for truly living aboard a catamaran from provisioning and cooking to cleaning. This is the perfect course for those that have always dreamed about sailing away on a catamaran or those who want to upgrade their skills.

This course is designed to train two sets of students at a time but can be set up as a private course for an additional fee. You should bring your own bedding and towels and plan to work with the other students to provide and prepare provisioning while on board the boat. You will spend one overnight at anchor with your instructor on board. The rest of the time, you can plan on living on the boat while in the marina.

Learn to cruise on catamarans! Book today!