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Bareboat Sailor Certification Course

Learn to sail in three days!

Quick Details

Clock Duration: 3 days & 2 nights – can start on any day of the week

Users Group Size: At least 2 people MUST sign up together; an additional 2 people can be added to as crew for a reduced rate of $495 per person.

Cruise Ship Boat Details: 32 – 33′ sailboat

Food Food/Drink: You are responsible for all food/drink while onboard. Make sure to provide provisions for your instructor too!

All Season
Per Person plus Taxes and Fees for Double Occupancy

Spend Three Days Learning to Sail

No previous sailing experience required! Superior Charters’ three-day charter certification program is designed to prepare you to charter a sailboat on your own in the Apostle Islands and give you hands-on experience at anchoring overnight in the islands.

This course covers the basics of sailing, vessel systems, docking in the islands and anchoring overnight. You start with hands-on experience as a novice and in just a few short days, you’ll be on your own, exploring the beauty and pristine nature found in the Apostle Islands. Our instructors determine you and your crew’s skill level and focus on what you need to learn and accomplish to successfully bareboat charter.

Your Classroom

Our Learn to Sail class takes place on 32 – 33′ boats which serve as your classroom and overnight accommodations. You sleep onboard the boat in harbor two out of the three nights, with complimentary boarding the evening prior to the first day of your instruction. You will spend one night at anchor with the instructor aboard. There is a head and a galley on all boats. Bring a sleeping bag or bedding and towels.


This course certifies two people in three days. You can add up to two additional people to join you as crew and they will receive a crew certification.
Add a crew member: For a reduced fee of $495, bring along an additional hand who can gain boating experience while you’re certified

Must sign up two people at time of booking – require names, contact phone # and email address for each attendee required.


All provisions are supplied by you and your party as with all bareboat charters. Please keep in mind that you should plan for the instructor in your meal plans.