Charter FAQs & Policies

Need More Information Before You Book?

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We are so excited for you to book a Lake Superior charter with us! To be prepared for your trip, we ask that you take time to review our reservation policies and frequently asked questions found on this page. If you have additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email to have your questions answered!

Reservation & Cancellation Policies

  • Chevron down Daily Damage Fee / Security Deposit
  • Your yacht will be insured by the yacht’s owner subject to the insurance policy deductible. The charterer’s liability for loss of or damage to the yacht or its equipment will be limited to the insurance deductible amount.

    Superior Charters offers an optional Daily Damage Fee to protect you and your crew in the event of loss or damage to the yacht or its equipment.  When booking online, the Daily Damage Fee is required in order to complete your booking.  If you decide to book directly through our office, you may select one of the following two options for your charter booking:

    1. Daily Damage Fee (DDF). A daily fee which reduces your liability for the insurance deductible as described in the Yacht Charter Agreement. A valid credit card number on file is required to secure the insurance deductible.
    2. Security Deposit. A refundable security deposit payable in cash or check. This security deposit can be applied to the repair of damages or loss of equipment or cancelation fees. This deposit does not relieve the charterer of loss or damage over the amount of the deposit, as described in the Yacht Charter Agreement.

    Should you elect to assume all risk and waive the Daily Damage Fee, the daily fee will be credited towards your balance due and the refundable security deposit is due via cash or check 45 days prior to the first day of charter. The security deposit will be refunded one month after termination of the charter in the event of no loss or damages

  • Chevron down Reservation Change Policy
  • Alright, let’s make a change!

    • Date change – for a $100 change fee, we can adjust dates as long as the change is made prior to season launch or 45 days before your trip (whichever comes first)
    • Vessel change – for a $100 change fee, we can adjust vessels as long as the change is made prior to season launch or 45 days before your trip (whichever comes first)
    • Vessel change after season launch – This is considered a cancellation and will incur any fees outlined in the cancellation policy.
  • Chevron down Cancellation Policy
  • Okay, we’d love to help you, but let’s make sure it follows these guidelines:

    • Cancel before season launch or 45 days prior to trip (whichever comes first) – Cancel any or all of your charter days and the booking deposit will be refunded minus a $100 administrative fee.
    • Cancel/Change after season launch – Charterer is 100% responsible for the entire charter cost.  Charges will be applied to the credit card number taken at time of deposit.

    Download our Reservation Policies document for a break down of the details regarding the policies above.

  • Chevron down What other fees are there?
  • Here comes the boring, yet very important details about your reservation:

    • Daily Damage Fee  A buy-down of the cost of the insurance deductible, this is a non-refundable fee that limits your liability for loss or damage to the vessel or its equipment. It is based on the size of the vessel, with prices of $45, $55 and $65 per day – Every reservation will see this fee on the invoice. Click here to view a PDF breakdown of the daily damage fee/security deposit.
    • Taxes – Because Uncle Sam needs their portion as well.
    • Fees – You will only see this if you book online and it will be combined with the tax amount, this is to help pay for the fancy website that lets you book entirely online!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down What is the difference between bareboat and captained sailing charters?
  • This is a commonly asked question!

    Captained Charters: If you are new to sailing and looking to have an enjoyable and carefree vacation, our captained charters are perfect for you. Captained charters come with a licensed captain that will handle the navigation of your yacht during your trip. We are partnered with some of the best sailboat captains in the area. We have exceptional captains who have extensive knowledge and experience captained yachts & sailboats. When you book your selected sailboat online, we will work with you to select the right captain for you charter!

    Bareboat Charters: This option is perfect for the experienced sailor who knows how to skipper and maintain a boat. Bareboat charters do not come with a captain — You are responsible for the navigation, sailing, and maintenance of your yacht during your trip. If you love to sail but don’t own a sailboat, reserve a bareboat charter! If you’re interested in this sailing option, we require you to submit a boating resume (available online and sent via email confirmation) after you book to assess your sailing knowledge and experience before your departure date.

  • Chevron down I want to sail! How do I book?
  • Online booking is easy on our website! You can select the boat size and passenger capacity quickly for both bareboat charters and captained charters. Once you have selected the sailboat you want to reserve and the dates, you will receive a confirmation email with your itinerary and booking details.

    • Required Forms: Please review, sign and return the required forms (Yacht Charter Agreement & Liability Indemnification Agreement) that will arrive in your email inbox. These are important to send back to us before your arrival. We also have additional reservation documents you will need to review, but not sign, before your charter that will be sent to you via email.
  • Chevron down I don't know what I want, can you help?
  • We’re waiting in the office for you to call and ask us all your pressing questions about the boats, which would work best for you, which is our favorite, what we like to cook on board, our favorite island…you get it…we like to talk about sailing the Apostles! You can also book directly through our office if needed. So call us!  715.779.5124

  • Chevron down I’ve never sailed with Superior Charters before, am I qualified to book a charter?
  • The first step for any first-time charterers with Superior Charters or those who haven’t been with us for more than five years is to do some important paperwork!

    • Fill out a Boating Resume – you can find it here!
    • Submit the resume along with a boat request via email – those two pieces of info are super important.
    • The Charter master makes recommendations after reviewing your resume and boat request – oftentimes we require some refresher training based on the following criteria:
      • Role as responsible skipper on similar size boat
      • Ownership of vessel of similar size and type
      • Experienced crew – there is no single-handing allowed
  • Chevron down What can I expect when I get there?
  • When you book a charter with us, we offer you a complimentary stay-aboard the night before your first sailing day. That means you can arrive anytime after 7:00 pm and look on our ‘Late Arrivals Bulletin Board’ and find your personalized envelope with instructions on how to find your vessel.

    The boat will be unlocked with the lights and refrigerator on.  Inside the envelope will be details about how to access your shore-side facilities (so make sure you read carefully!)  You will be pre-assigned a time for your dockside briefing the next morning. So have your equipment inventory sheet and your briefing checklist complete by the time the captain arrives for the briefing.

  • Chevron down What charter add-ons are there?
  • We’ve added some great options for add-ons in case you want to make your trip really ‘over-the-top’!

    • Motor dinghy – $50 per day to upgrade to ‘no more rowing!’ – Limited availability
    • Linen Rental – $35 per person – includes bedding, towels, pillow and kitchen towels
    • Priority Boarding – $125 to board as early as 4:00 pm and complete your dockside briefing – leave as early as sunrise the next morning – for those who hate to wait!
    • Clean Sweep – $150 – $250, based on boat size. You tidy the lines, secure the hatches, grab your garbage, gear and go! If Clean Sweep option is not purchased, then guests are required to clean the boat at the end of their trip.
    • Check out – $150  – Freshen your skills and focus on docking for 2-4 hours
    • Refresh & Upgrade – $250 – Spend a full day with the captain to refresh your skills or upgrade to a larger boat
  • Chevron down What’s on the boat anyway?
  • Everything you’ll need to cook and eat with is already onboard for you to use. So convenient!

    Some items you will find already onboard include:

    • Cookware – pots, pans, baking sheet
    • Coffee maker – percolator or French press
    • Serving ware and dishes
    • Complimentary Hospitality Kit – paper towels, dish soap and sponge, head paper, aluminum foil, hand soap and propane fuel for cooking
  • Chevron down What should I bring?
  • Grab a duffel bag (because it’s easier to stow), and fill it with the essentials! 

    • Layers – no matter the time of year, always be prepared for any weather with lots of layers
    • Shoes – bring a set of hiking shoes for adventures on land and wear your boat shoes just while sailing
    • Rain Gear – we almost always promise great weather so bring your sunglasses, but just in case, be prepared with a raincoat and pants
    • Linens – bring your own sleeping bag, towels and don’t forget your favorite pillow
    • Toiletries – sunscreen, bug repellent, toothpaste, all the essentials
    • Provisions – You supply the food, drinks, and seasonings, we can suggest some local purveyors
  • Chevron down What should I leave at home?
    • Pets – Unfortunately, our favorite family members are just not allowed on any of our boats
    • Hard-sided coolers – They are too big and bulky to store on the boat and scratch the bejeezus out of the floors and interiors
    • Fishing pole – Lake Superior has great fish…that you can buy already caught and cleaned at Bodin’s in town
    • Kayaks and SUPs – There’s just no safe space to stow this gear on board and towing can cause damage
    • Sticky Fly Strips – We don’t like flies either, but these sticky strips are gross and cause damage to the pretty boat interiors
    • Cigarettes and cigars – There’s no smoking on any of boats – no exceptions!
    • Tents – We don’t allow camping on the islands when renting our boats, who wants to sleep on the ground anyway?
  • Chevron down What if there is bad weather?
  • We do not consider inclement weather a reason for cancelling instruction or charters. For sailing courses, instructors consider the weather forecast and often times design the class around it. As a policy, we will not sail in any conditions we deem to be too dangerous, the Chartermaster will make decisions about the weather as it happens.

  • Chevron down What type of food provisions should I bring?
  • For both sailing courses and captained charters, please be prepared to provide meals for your Captain/Instructor while you’re on the water! Most meals can be easy to prepare, one-pot meals such as spaghetti, chili or jambalaya. 

  • Chevron down Where does the captain/instructor sleep?
  • For privacy and safety reasons, your Captain is to be provided one of the private cabins on the boat you charter. Please keep this in mind as you plan accommodations for all guests.

  • Chevron down What is your gratuity policy?
  • We are often asked about the policy of providing a gratuity for your Captain. Although not required, our Captains are independent contractors who provide personalized service to our customers and appreciate a gratuity if you feel the experience exceeded your expectations.