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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask the Chartermaster!  Find out the answers to all of your most curious questions.  

Q:  What should I plan to bring for provisions for my sailing trip?
A:  Cooking on a sailboat can be more of an adventure than cooking in a traditional kitchen.  Our galley is fully equipped, just like your home kitchen.  But keep in mind, you're on vacation!  Who wants to be in the kitchen the entire time?  We suggest you simplify your menu by prepping ahead of time, bringing some ready-to-eat items and sticking to one-pot meals.  Here's some suggestions:
  • Breakfast - pre-made frittata or quiche, just heat and eat. 
  • Lunch - Bags of salad mix paired with pre-made sandwiches makes lunch really easy.
  • Dinner - One pot pasta with marinara sauce and pre-cooked italian sausage, pre-made kabobs for the grill (they cook faster than steak) and fresh fish packets on the grill.  



Q:  I want my kids to experience sailing in the Apostles, what is a good age to start them sailing?

A:  The sooner the better! Kids are more adaptable than we give them credit for. Ages three to five enjoy making forts in the vberth. Hook on a tether to a kid's harness whenever 'climbing' up the companionway into the cockpit. Kids six to nine enjoy 'exploring places untouched', beachcombing and hiking through the wildnerness trails. Ages ten to thirteen become helpful crew, lending a hand at steering and sail trim. Rigging a swing off the boom to swim at anchor and race around the boat is great fun. Ages fourteen and up can develop seamanship skills including navigating a course, monitoring weather conditions, and skippering the dinghy to shore to explore on their own. Whatever the age, it's never too early to teach kids the fun and excitement of adventure sailing in the Apostle Islands!

What does 'Bareboat' mean?
'Bareboat' generally indicates that the boat is not supplied with food or a licensed captain. A 'bareboat' charter does not mean that the boat is completely bare. Our boats are equipped with required Coast Guard safety gear, engine fuel, and fuel for the galley stove, plates, dishes, flatware, cleaning supplies, paper towels, trash bags, dish soap and marine toilet paper.


However, the boats are not equipped with bed linens, sleeping bags, towels or food seasonings.


Please note: While engine fuel is included with the cost of sailboat charters, fuel is an additional cost for powerboat charters. Charterers are required to refuel powerboats at the end of the charter.


How many people can stay onboard?
For reasons of safety, the number of persons allowed to be onboard is limited by the number of berths indicated in the fleet listing. If you are sailing with one of our paid U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captains on the boat, you are able to have a total of six people (in addition to our Captain) on the boat. This is a regulation of the Coast Guard as all of our boats are private vessels.


Are pets allowed onboard the boats?
For the sake of those with allergies, pets are not permitted onboard any of the boats in our fleet.


Can I smoke onboard the boat?
All the boats in our fleet are designated as non-smoking.


Can I bring my kayak and stow it aboard the boat?
Kayaks easily damage the hulls and decks of the boats. For this reason, we ask that you not bring your kayak.


Can I come back to the marina and stay overnight?
Yes, your slip is available for the duration of your charter. You may return to the marina at any time. Should you choose to visit another marina in the area, you will need to call ahead of time and request a transient slip. You will be responsible for any transient slip fees.


How far is it from one island to another?
With more than 20 islands of varying size within a twelve square mile cruising ground, the Apostles provide beautiful expanses of open water as well great opportunities for island exploration. For specific mileage between locations, feel free to view a copy of our mileage chart(.PDF format).


Can we go outside the Apostle Islands?
Boating outside the protected waters of the Apostle Islands is only permitted when advance arrangements have been made with our office. If you are interested in sailing 'off-shore' please inquire with our office crew during your booking. For insurance purposes, and based on individual boat owner preference, only certain boats are allowed outside the Apostle Islands, and a life-raft must be rented for the duration of your charter.


What should I pack for my trip?

No matter the time of year, it is a good idea to come prepared for all types of weather here on Lake Superior.  Warm, cool, and wet.  Pack separate hiking shoes/sandals for visiting the islands, shoes/sandals just for the boat, pack linens or sleeping bags and towels (linens are NOT provided on the boats), and personal soap.  Provisions may be obtained locally at either the Bayfield IGA or Washburn IGA.  You must supply your own food, drinks, and seasonings, unless previously arranged with us.  Ice may be purchased at the marina ship store.

Please, use ONLY soft sided coolers and duffel bags!  


What is supplied on the boat?

Our Courtesy Consumables Kit includes paper towel, head paper, garbage bags, dish soap, cleaning product, dish sponge, lighter stick, and salt/pepper.  Each boat is equipped with a small grill and the required propane.  You will also find either a percolator or French press style coffee pot onboard.  Cooking and eating dishes/utensils are supplied on each boat as well.

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