“The Apostle Islands will have something everybody can enjoy. This winter, don't miss the beauty of the frozen ice caves!”

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Something for Everyone

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore offers an abundance of activities and sites to suit the interest of everyone. The Park Service has made efforts to preserve and restore the historical aspects of the islands.

There is great information on the Park Service web site to plan your boating trip. Here is a link to their brochures for your trip planning.


Miles and Miles of Beaches
Whether you enjoy simply basking in the sun or are on a perpetual search for the perfect rock, the Apostle Islands' unlimited miles of beaches offer an untouched bit of paradise to you. Soft sandy beaches creeping slowly to wooded areas offer wide expanses for a blanket and a book. There are also beaches littered with driftwood, washed ashore in massive piles or individual unique pieces. On a lucky day, the rock pickers will find Lake Superior agates and other treasures to be adored on the rock beaches found on several of the islands.


Sea Caves and Interesting Topography
One of the most distinguishing features of the Apostles is the intricate cave-like formations and arches that are carved the in the sandstone by the action of Lake Superior. Many of the islands' northern shores are exposed to the open waters of the greater lake. These areas are the recipients of the lake's unleashed fury in its treacherous winter storms.


A visit to the caves via a dinghy or small boat quickly reveals their mystery. Large areas open up underneath striated cliffs and awesome overhanging arches, often lead from one cave "room" to another. Equally dramatic formations can be seen below in Lake Superior's crystal clear waters reflecting pastel greens, blues and golds. Eerie sounds of water dripping from overhead, combined with the echoes of water surging in and out of the caverns, lend a mystical quality to the sea caves. (Bonnie Dahl, The Superior Way, p 93-94)

In the winter, the sea caves can form what is known as ice caves. In the winter of 2014, thousands of visitors hiked the two plus miles out to the sea caves on the mainland (via Myers Beach Road). The ice caves are only accessible with the cooperation of nature (primarily more cold temperatures than normal).

For a link to current sea cave conditions and to view photo of the sea / ice caves, click here >>>>.


Lighthouses and Fish Camps
Lake Superior's renowned gales and extreme weather conditions created a demand for perhaps the most intriguing sites in the Apostle Islands-the lighthouses. There are six lighthouse complexes on various islands in the park. They have been carefully restored and maintained through the years, with Park Service personnel manning them during the season. Visitors are welcome to explore the history they contain and climb to the top for spectacular views.


Commercial fishermen used to spend a good portion of their time living at camps in the Apostle Islands rather than return to the mainland daily. The fish camp at Manitou Island gives you a glimpse of their lifestyle and livelihood. The cabins have been restocked and filled with the actual items a fisherman and his crew would have needed to succeed in such remote locations. The Hokenson Fishery at Little Sand Bay is full of relics from the past, such as nets, floats and other commercial fishing tools.


Hiking Trails and Wildlife
There are over 50 miles of maintained trails for all levels of hiking enthusiasts, which the National Park Service has done a exceptional job in establishing throughout the islands. Boaters can dinghy ashore after an exhilarating sail and take an easy stroll to a lighthouse, traipse along on a deserted beach or quietly watch the wild animals in the forested areas. For the more zealous hiker, there are trails of rugged terrain to sea caves and high grounds with splendid vistas.


While ashore take a silent moment away from it all to enjoy glimpses of the wild life that inhabit the Apostle Islands. Bald eagles nest in several locations and great blue heron live in the marshy areas. There is an abundance of white tailed deer, red fox and an occasional black bear. Enjoy the tranquil beauty these experiences provide.

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